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Martin Skarra

Nordic Rock Capital was founded by me for the purpose of acquiring a small to medium sized company in the Pacific Northwest.

​I grew up on a dairy farm that has been in my family for eleven generations. Growing up, my siblings, grandparents and I all helped out on the farm when it was needed. My mom had a farm store and my dad ran a snow plowing business that did landscaping in the summer. My grandparents ran two farms while my granddad made and sold wooden skis in the winter. This background is what created a desire in me to one day own my own family business. ​


Before founding Nordic Rock Capital, I worked for Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, a supplier of software and equipment to the defense, marine and aerospace industries. The job gave me extensive experience in project management, supply chain, and negotiations, and I am now hoping to put some of that knowledge to use in the business we acquire.


Outside of work, I like to spend time with my wife Annie and our daughter Sofie, as well as go climbing and skiing in the mountains around Seattle. I have an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a Master of Law from the University of Bergen.


Nordic Rock Capital has a committed group of advisers and investors whose investment horizon aligns with our long term approach. This group comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and have either scaled businesses before or been involved in small business M&A.

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